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Learn the keyboard

Trying to learn two things at a time is difficult; the student usually winds up learning neither one well. While you are searching the keyboard for something, you are not paying any attention to Excel, or whatever it is you were trying to do. The first step in...

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On Learning

What is your plan? I am not an expert.  This is only my opinion after teaching in some career schools, some community colleges, and some universities in one metropolitan area. Obviously, the career schools are in the news, what with some of them having recently...

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Killer Marbles

The Rules for Marbles AKA “Killer” Marbles Or Cheating for family fun and friendship The Lund family game of “Marbles” is based on the Indian game of Pachisi, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachisi, dating back to at least the 15th or 16th century and may date back to...

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The Learning Contract

This is a learning contract I discuss with my students on the first day of class. The Learning Contract Unfortunately, much of what follows will seem negative. It does consist in large part of “thou shalt not”.  That’s because this is like the bizarre warning label on...

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