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Trying to learn two things at a time is difficult; the student usually winds up learning neither one well. While you are searching the keyboard for something, you are not paying any attention to Excel, or whatever it is you were trying to do.

The first step in learning how to use a PC is to master the keyboard.  Below, are some keyboard drills I recommend.  There are others, if you don’t like these, pick the ones you do like.  But, own the keyboard, or you will struggle to learn anything else.


  • http://approved-websites.org/mytyping/typing/Index.html
  • http://www.learntyping.org/beginnertypinglesson1.htm
  • https://www.davis.k12.ut.us/page/432
  • http://www.scpl.org/resources_services/internet_links/BasicKeyboard.pdf
  • http://www.libraryliteracy.org/staff/rg/Life_Long_Learn_to_type-use_computer_keyboard.pdf
  • https://powertyping.com/practice/practice.html